I didn’t want my husband messing up my new HVAC

My hubby has a temper! I try to get him away from new home projects because when they don’t go well, he goes insane. It is not abnormal for him to whip his tools across the sod, yell the F bomb and “punish” the project by leaving it. He doesn’t handle failure well, sporadically he even damages the project or hinders it with his outburst, and the issue is that our hubby is regularly eager to begin one in the beginning. I purchased a ductless mini split for the living room. I learned online and saw that the HVAC replacement could be done by the homeowner. I owned all the necessary tools and watched tons of videos. I did some practice drilling as well as learning forums online. I was more than ready to do our ductless heating and A/C replacement. When our hubby saw me gearing up to go, he pushed me out of the way. He is the man after all, he can do it. Well he hadn’t done the research I had. He was regularly making mistakes and ruining our new heating and A/C unit. He started handling it roughly, swearing under his breath and I was worried about him denting the unit. When he thought that perhaps he needed a part and left for the hardware store, I got to work. I was frantic, hoping to finish before he got back. I got all the horrible drilling, feeding refrigerant tubes as well as wires out of the way. My hubby came back when I was mounting the dinoor air handler. He was calm by then and the project was going well thankfully.


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