I turned off the water in our apartment before leaving it empty for the winter

This boiler gets our apartment heated in a matter of minutes.

I’m happy to finally have a apartment up north to visit whenever I need a cut from the monotony of our day to day life. If I had considered this 15 years ago, I would have never believed I could make enough cash someday to own a home, let alone more than one. At the time I was stuck laboring jobs that I hated & renting apartments that looked terrible. You start to wonder if you can ever get out of this seemingly unceasing downward spiral. And it makes myself and others upset to guess that for some this is a continuing reality, even in the time it has taken myself and others to dig myself out of our debit card debt. I have to wonder if I simply got lucky enough to have the sort of possibilities in life that were presented to me. However, none of it came without constant strenuous toil on our end. I was laboring 50 to 60 hours a month for at least more than one years straight while the people I was with and I were in the toughest stage of our life. If I had simply spent our free time getting drunk & seeing TV, I would have never dug myself out of that hole, then now I have a apartment with radiant heated flooring that is powered by a sizable gas boiler in the utility closet. This boiler gets our apartment heated in a matter of minutes. But when I leave for a while, I regularly shut off the water & evacuate all of the pipes, including our oil furnace. If water freezes, the pipes can expand & burst. This procedure is a natural section about living up north.