Importance of Air Quality in Salons and Spas

Salon owners and employees are accustomed to the chemical fumes acquaintanced with a salon: from hair dyeah, nail polish, aerosol sprays and other products.

But customers don’t want to be assaulted with those odors, and now, due to the pandemic, customers are paying more attention to indoor air conditions and its impact on their health. You don’t want to be that salon that puts its customers at risk, and luckily, there are Heating and Air Conditioning solutions available today that can reduce odors, improve indoor air conditions and help keep everyone safe and healthy, however there are some telltale signs that your salon or spa needs ventilation replaces to improve indoor air conditions, if you experience strong odors that persist 10 minutes after using a product and they drift into another room, your air quality should be improved, then fine layers of dust from products can also accumulate on floors and surfaces along with beads of water on the walls. If your windows are fogging up inside your corporation and if customers or employees are complaining about nasty odors or stickiness, it’s time to make some changes… Health complications can occur from terrible air quality such as headaches and respiratory complications and you don’t want to wait until it is too late. It’s important to pay attention to the Heating and Air Conditioning proposal that was installed before you even came on the scene. Your Heating and Air Conditioning proposal may be in need of redesign or be augmented to handle the unique air quality complications of your corporation and to improve indoor air conditions, and a combination of a well designed general Heating and Air Conditioning system, a source capture proposal and a professional grade media media air cleaner might be the best approach to improve indoor air conditions.

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