It was an emergency

Don’t you hate it when your central heating and air conditioning system goes out on you? It is even worse when it happens at the time of the most extreme weather! This happened to me a few weeks ago just as the super hot heat of summer was beginning.

It was over one hundred degrees outside and my central air conditioning system unit broke down.

It was an emergency too because I work at my home, and needed to get work done. So I called the local heating and air conditioning company for them to send out a certified heat and a/c specialist to perform emergency HVAC service. It cost me a little more than a regular heating and air conditioning call would have cost me, but I really had no choice in the matter because I needed to be able to get this central air conditioning system back up and running within the same day so I could do my work and not have to be having any downtime what so ever. The heating and air conditioning specialist that they sent was great. He ended up getting to the root of the problem pretty quick and had my central heat and a/c unit back up and running within less than an hour. I paid the heating and cooling specialist and he was on his way back to the heating and air conditioning company. And I was back in pure indoor comfort in my home. I was so glad they had the option of emergency HVAC service available to me.



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