Mom’s hot cocoa is the best

My son has always been fascinated with the stars in the night sky and especially the moon.

I decided to get him a telescope so he could do a little stargazing and see the moon’s craters.

I got him a pretty nice telescope, but it was during the late fall right before the winter. I had already had the heating system tuned up and we had started using the heating system on the chilly nights. The night that I helped my son get his telescope together, I also got a fire going in the fireplace. It was an especially chilly night and I wanted the living room to be nice and toasty when we got back inside. While it was feeling frosty out there, we actually had a lot of fun looking at the different stars. We even got a nice view of Saturn with the telescope. You could see the rings and everything. It was also really cool because the actual moons of Saturn were visible as well. We spent a long time out there and by the time we got back in, the house felt very comfortable. The fire was dying down in the fireplace so I put a few more logs on there. My son and I were able to relax after being out in the cold weather for all that time checking out the stars. I really didn’t expect it, but my wife brought us some hot cocoa while we were warming up next to the fireplace. That really made our night extra special because Mom’s hot cocoa is seriously the best!