My neighbor’s air conditioner condenser is extremely loud when it runs

I’m not a huge fan of living inside a condominium. Somedays I feel like I’m in a glorified apartment unit, but with more responsibilities on my end. I have constant noise and limited space, but there isn’t a maintenance team on staff to fix problems inside of my unit whenever they arise, like they would in an actual apartment complex. Instead, all they do is mow the grass downstairs and clear dirt and debris from the hallways with a leaf blower. Since I have a $300 monthly condo fee, I wonder where this money is going. If there are any issues inside my unit, I have to hire a handyman or a specialist. Somedays I wonder why I’m not living in a house instead, especially since the main reason I decided against it was simply the fact that I would have to mow my lawn regularly or pay a landscaping service to do it for me. At this point I would have dealt with mowing my lawn if it meant avoiding this nightmare. The noise that I hear constantly isn’t just from people talking or moving about. I also get noise from machines outside because I live on the end of the building. Every unit’s HVAC condenser on this floor is located right outside my living room wall. Although all of the condensers can be noisy when they cycle during the day, there is one in particular that makes an obscene amount of noise while it runs. Since I work from home, hearing the noisy compressor inside this particular HVAC condenser can become a major source of distraction. Lately I’ve been using noise cancelling headphones so I can work in peace.


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