Seems love forever

Living in the south all of us have truly long summers. The central plan is going all of the time & there is no end in sight once it starts. There is hardly any rain. And even when there is rain, it is non effective to the super boiling hot & cold temperatures that stick around for nearly 6 to 8 weeks of the year! Yes, that is how long our summers are. And the central plan runs the whole time. Because of the central running non stop the electric bills are higher than ever. This is something all of us all have to deal with here in the south. So what all of us have to do is occasionally go on payment plans with the electric company. It is truly taxing having to run the central plan all of the time. The two of us rarely need to run the central heating plan thankfully. Because the Wintertide weeks are so short & it doesn’t get that cold to where you need heating. Just keeping the windows shut at times is all you truly need. Because it is more or less the same as what the rest of the world thinks of as Spring & fall. Eventually when I can I am going to relocate to the north. Because in the north you don’t need central all year round & the climate & electric bills are going to be much better. Even the cold winters back there will not generate high electric bills with the central heating. I truly need to do this.

a/c set up