The clothing business is changing

My part time job in high school was actually working for a silk screening supplier in our small city’s clothing district.

It was just a mile away from our school, so I always walked there in the long days after our last class for the day ended.

At first I only took the job that day because our best buddy was actually working there. The two of us would crack jokes plus gossip about movies for the duration of our shifts each day. But before long, I was actually starting to prefer the process of creating custom clothing. I realized quickly that I strongly enjoyed hands on work opposed to laying behind a computer each day. My truly first job involved a ton of audio transcription for a variety of uncommon industries, plus it was too tedious for me. With creating custom clothing, I was satisfying the creative plus artistic space while earning a residing in the process. Instead of going to school, I accepted a hefty promotion plus stayed with this custom clothing store until I started our own in our mid 30s. Now that I’ve had a successful run over the past more than three years, I’m using all of our clothing profits to reinvest in our store. This month I obtained a new money register plus a brand new tagless t-shirt digital printer. I have wanted to offer tagless t-shirts from the beginning, but sincerely I never had the currency to justify buying the special digital printer to create them on my own. Having a tagless t-shirt digital printer lets myself and others make shirts that are cheaper and more comfortable for our shoppers.


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