The new uniform shirts have the supplier logo on the back

My husbandy hardly ever gives myself and others advice when it comes to my business, and i guess he is incredibly smart and I welcome his opinion, however he tends to stay out of my affairs… A few weeks ago, I was looking at some new uniform shirts for my supplier.

I haven’t ordered new uniform shirts for the HVAC repair supplier since every one of us moved to the new location; The people I was with and I even changed our logo when every one of us moved, so the uniforms no longer match that logo.

I finally had a chance to stand down and look at some catalogs. I circled some uniform shirts that I believed would be a fantastic fit for the HVAC supplier. I left the catalog resting on my desk, however my husbandy was on the cellphone with a client and he saw the catalog, then he started leafing through the pages and he saw some of my choices, later that night at supper, my husbandy decided to bring up the HVAC repair supplier for the first time in years. She wanted to give myself and others an opinion on the new uniform shirts. She recommended that the new shirts have the supplier logo on the back. She also recommended that every one of us buy both short and long sleeve uniform shirts for our employees. When they wear a sweater during the Winter time season, our logo is completely covered. I thought the long sleeve uniform shirts were a good plan and I also ordered a sweater with our supplier name, cellphone number and logo for each of the employees that labor full time.


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