Air conditioners can make you more susceptible to catching a cold

Some people suffer from a summer cold, especially when using an air conditioner! This has led them to believe that an air conditioner is the cause of this cold. In reality, HVAC systems only cool the house. The cold produced by these HVAC systems, on their own, can’t cause cold in humans, and however, the cool and dry indoor air created by an air conditioner predisposes you to upper respiratory diseases. It causes dryness in your mucus cavity, irritates the skin, and aggravates your eye membrane. All these make it straight-forward for you to contract cold. However, there must be a cold causing organisms in the air for you to catch a cold. Air conditioners also increase the body stress factor. These stress factors come about when your body moves from one air conditioner mode to another, from heat to cold and heat again. This constant body temperature change alters your body’s immunity, leaving you vulnerable to disease attacks. In some cases, your body might be suffering from an allergic reaction that mimics cold. It is official for allergy sufferers to exhibit cold symptoms that can absolutely be mistaken for cold. It is common to find allergy-inducing contaminants like pollen, dander, dust, and dirt in your HVAC system’s filters that get blown into your indoor area and may cause allergic reactions. To avoid catching a cold when you air conditioner your home in summer, you have to wipe your HVAC equipment thoroughly as well as upgrade its air filters. You also have to open your home windows to let in the fresh air as well as expel stale air from your home. Install a whole-home air purifier to wipe your home’s indoor air.


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