Firefighters determined the cause of the fire as the oil heater

Far from popular belief, smaller portable HVAC units also need to be serviced for them to function at 100 percent optimal level.

Until recently I was among the many that believed this and it cost my neighbor her bedroom and almost her life.

I remember it was a cold snowy day and an even colder night. We were all bundled up in bed when we heard a scream and pounding on our door. It was our neighbor. The previous night, her electric heating system had malfunctioned and since she direly needed the warmth, she decided to bring out the emergency units that she had not used for a while. Her oil heater served the upper floors and the space heater served the lower bedrooms. Since it was extremely cold, she had used the wireless thermostat to turn up the temperatures and had fallen asleep. It turns out that she had not done a furnace/heater tune-up since her other central heating system had been fitted. The boiler installation had been done about 3 years ago. The fairly new heating unit had never had an issue until last night, stated my neighbor after the fire was put out. The firefighters determined the cause of the fire and pointed out that there had been an oil leak that caught fire and caused the unit to start burning. Since my neighbor’s heating and air conditioning unit was not working, the fire burned until she was woken by smoke. The energy saving help tips provided safety indications for using the units. The fire did not cause major damage and the HVAC techs were able to supply new ductless HVAC from the heating corp to replace the damaged one. The geo heat pump was not damaged since it is usually installed underground.



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