Hydronic gas furnace plus tankless warm water systems

My mother has consistently wanted a tankless warm water heater. I guess that is because tankless warm water furnaces work much faster than proper warm water heaters, but my mother had all of us kids in the condo for a few decades and, before that, she lived with a bunch of her siblings. As a result, my awful mother hardly every got to take a warm bath or warm shower. Well, this month she got her tankless warm water heater. In addition to the warm water heater, she also got hydronic heating installed. That is a form of gas furnace that uses warm water to heat the house. Instead of electricity, warm water goes through pipes plus then a fan blows over the pipes. This creates the heat for the house. It is sort of the reverse of how a refrigerator works. My mother said that hydronic heating is a bit more cost effective than electrical furnaces are, but besides, getting a hydronic gas furnace offered her a great excuse for getting a tankless warm water gas furnace installed. Not that she needed an excuse. My mother lives alone now plus she can do whatever she wants with her money. I am thrilled for her though! She can finally take as several warm baths as she wants plus she will never run out of warm water. Additionally, her condo will consistently be nice plus warm too. It is a win win. Now I wish I could afford a tankless warm water gas furnace for my house. With my several guys I almost never get a warm shower myself. Oh well, maybe in 20 years I can afford a hydronic gas furnace plus tankless plan myself.


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