If you can’t keep them home, join them.

I love our wife, but it seems that all she ever does is work.

Since I can’t keep her beach house with me, I decided that I had to do something with our time. I went back to school. I had found a course at the local university that sounded care about it was just what I needed. The course was going to last about many weeks, as well as it would end up with myself and others getting our HVAC certification. I talked to the mentor when I was almost done with our classes, as well as I asked if I could choose which HVAC supplier I apprenticed at. He told myself and others a lot of that had to do with how great our grades were. I worked difficult to keep our grades up. I knew that it was important to do the best I could. I studied difficult as well as I made sure to get great grades. By the end of the course, I was number 1 in our class. My mentor asked if I would be interested in being an apprentice in his HVAC supplier. He told myself and others he had the perfect HVAC tech to be paired with. I was hoping I knew who he was talking about. I knew many of the HVAC workers in his supplier. He hadn’t figured it out yet, but his supplier was the 1 I used for our HVAC. After the last class, he told myself and others he had brought the worker who would take care of our apprenticeship. My wife almost fainted when she realized I was going to be her apprentice. She didn’t even recognize I was taking HVAC certification classes.

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