It’s heat pump land

I knew things would be unusual when I moved south.

What I didn’t really, easily understand was just how vastly unusual the weather conditions would be.

The times I had visited the south were on getaway. But these getaways generally coincided with times where the gas gas furnace was cranking back home. Both of us were going to a locale where the two of us knew there would be sun in addition to nice temperatures. What I didn’t realize until I made the move was that this locale also comes with a whole lot of heat. But it sure didn’t take long to figure out just what sort of Heating in addition to A/C equipment I would need. This region is the land of the heat pump. And as it should be considering all the heat that needs to be pumped. The Heating in addition to A/C heat pump is aptly named. The name very is description of what this piece of Heating in addition to A/C equipment actually does. The heat pump is the Heating in addition to A/C equipment of choice because cooling is the large Heating in addition to A/C issue in this area. The heat pump actually moves heated air out of the cabin in order to update it with cooler air. It’s a pretty ingenious mix of engineering in addition to physics to make this process work. But of does it work. Without this process, I don’t believe that I would have ever survived that first summer. The heat is very quite oppressive for at least a four month period. We’re talking about a mix of heat in addition to humidity that hits right near triple digits for both. But thankfully, I can trust that I will walk into a well cooled in addition to humidity balanced cabin thanks to the Heating in addition to A/C heat pump.

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