Lack of repair causes rusty air duct

Last Winter we noticed rust stains forming in our washroom ceiling, however all of us got some rust killing paint and tested it… However, now the stains are back and they are also in the guest living room! I went up in the attic to try and see what is causing the rust and it looks like it is the air duct to our Heating plus Air Conditioning system. It is rusty, dirty, and leaky. I know that that is not normal at all, however there should not be this much water in our air duct system. I called the heating and cooling corporation. They sent a specialist out on Monday. He wants to replace a fantastic area of our air duct system, on Monday he was able to stop the water leaking into the air duct. Apparently that was a pretty straight-forward fix. However, the Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist explained that there is no way to get rid of all of that rust without replacing parts of the air duct. That is going to cost us a bit of currency despite the fact that I suppose he is right. I keep kicking myself because this could have all been avoided if we had just paid for a usual Heating plus Air Conditioning tune-up every year. I know you are supposed to have your Heating plus Air Conditioning idea took care of properly despite the fact that I thought I could save currency by waiting until our Heating plus Air Conditioning unit entirely needed it first. That was a immense mistake… Not only do we need new air duct despite the fact that I am going to have to paint the ceiling again too. I hate painting so I am not looking forward to this.


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