Pink Flamingo Insurance

Our church youth group came up with a particular way to raise funds for a weekend retreat they were planning. They sold “Pink Flamingo Insurance” policies to the congregation to supply “protection” from their grasss being covered with tacky plastic pink flamingo grass ornaments. Those who failed to purchase the coverage would wake up 1 morning with a grass full of pink flamingos that could be disaffixd by paying a small donation to the cause. One twist in the plot was that someone could arrange for a neighbor’s house to be “flocked” as area of a practical joke. Fortunately, the youth minister had alerted the police department about the strange interest in case someone became irate at the plastic birds scattered on their front grass. The event was a immense success, and the youngsters were able to spend our savings for the retreat with currency left over for more activities, even more satisfied were the insurance salespeople in the congregation as the awareness of insurance was elevated. Another ecstatic group was the town’s Heating plus Air Conditioning companies. When the homeowners replaced their policies, they l earned that their central Heating plus Air Conditioning units were covered for natural events like fires or a falling tree limb, however not for breakdowns even in perfectly took care of units. Heating plus Air Conditioning units and other appliances could be covered by unit breakdown coverage however that would not cover normal wear and tear. Sales of extended warranties and Heating plus Air Conditioning repair plans skyrocketed in neighborhood as people scrambled to assure that their homes would be cool and comfortable as the summer time approached. Those pink flamingos also served as a reminder to people to schedule their Heating plus Air Conditioning cleaning and repair service. That alone kept all the qualified Heating plus Air Conditioning specialists toiling overtime for several weeks.

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