Reasons for having a yearly AC tune-up

Tune-ups improve efficiency and decrease cooling costs.

If you own an air conditioning system, you should have an annual air conditioner tune-up and inspection. Regular AC maintenance saves you money by conserving and increasing your air conditioning system’s efficiency, which in turn reduces your utility costs. Annual HVAC tune-ups also help avert significant HVAC issues. Whether you own an older unit or a new unit, maintaining your AC unit will benefit you in the long run. Here’s how. Spring cleaning prepares your system for peak performance during summer. The chances are that your HVAC system hasn’t been used to cool your home. And if it has, it hasn’t run for long periods as it would during summer. This yearly check-up ensures everything in your HVAC system is in good working condition. Not only that but potential issues are also dealt with to prevent unexpected breakdowns. Annual tune-ups are generally cheaper than repairs. Preventive maintenance is necessary, especially for older units. They almost always cost less and help in avoiding any issues. Tune-ups improve efficiency and decrease cooling costs. Without regular maintenance, your cooling system can lose up to 5% of its running efficiency every year, meaning you won’t cool your home as effectively as it would if your AC unit was clean and well maintained. Moreover, if your AC isn’t running at its peak efficiency and is not cooling properly, it will often run, resulting in increased utility bills each month. Running more often also strains your AC unit, causing it to wear and tear prematurely and eventually break down completely. Yearly tune-ups also help you meet warranty guidelines put in place by heating and cooling equipment suppliers.


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