The guy I met is the area’s fireplace king

I met a guy at a celebration a couple of weeks ago and I honestly liked him.

He was funny and smart and he was honestly tall and honestly cute! I said yes when he asked me out and so far, we have been on a couple of dates.

The last time we were out together, we were at a honestly nice diner and I noticed multiple people staring at us. I wondered what they were all looking at and that’s when he told me that among the heating and cooling professionals in our area, he was pretty famous and substantial. I personally don’t guess a thing about the heating and cooling industry in our section or in any other area, so I kind of just let it go, but then later on in the night when we were having dessert, someone came up to him and asked for his autograph. I thought that it was honestly odd when he signed his name plus the term “the fireplace king.” So after the fans left us alone again, I asked him what in the world a fireplace king was. He laughed and explained to me that in all of his commercials for his heating and cooling stores, he wears a crown and calls himself the fireplace king. His brand is built around the fact that he has every size, type, and type of fireplace and fireplace instrument and accessory that anyone could ever need. I had no system that I was dating the fireplace king. I still don’t guess how I guess about it.

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