The Lumpy Mattress was not fun for me

I’ve had a great deal of trouble with mattresses for all my years! My parents lived through the Great Depression of the 1930s and were totally frugal.

  • My bed at my home had a seasoned mattress that could be folded into a U shape to fit inside a metal frame that also happened to fold.

It developed a big lump, so I had to maneuver around that to get an unbelievable night of sleep. After university, I purchased a waterbed. Honestly, every night was basically like a stormy night at sea as the waves moved me about with all my restless sleeping. I tried everything from mattress toppers, body pillows, and even sleeping on the floor however the solution came from a relatively unlikely source, the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment. My Heating and Air Conditioning unit cannot smooth out my lumpy mattress, however it supplies the particular thing I had been lacking for wonderful sleep, and that was maintaining the perfect sleeping temperature of about 64°F. My former home did not have central Heating and Air Conditioning equipment, as we depended on electric blankets in the nippy season because our father thought heating the bedrooms from our coal-fired furnace was a gigantic waste. We had one window A/C unit for the living room and dining section however upstairs, we depended on fans or an open window to overcome the heat and humidity of the warm season. Scientific studies have shown that at 64°F, the sleeping body will cool itself with a certain process called vasodilation. Another technical sleep term is the circadian rhythm that is genuinely linked to the brain, light and dark cycles, plus the production of a sleep hormone called melatonin. I don’t really appreciate any of that because our Heating and Air Conditioning equipment professional said that if I take care of our Heating and Air Conditioning equipment with common cleaning and repair, after that I will be able to sleep peacefully on my lumpy mattress for a very long time.

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