They deserve this prize

One of the things that all of my employees complain regularly about is the temperature in the office.

It seems appreciate no 1 is ever glad & very occasionally that gets to be absolutely annoying.

Someone constantly thinks that it’s too overheated in the office & someone else consistently thinks that it’s too chilly & I am just too damn busy most of the time to have to try & deal with all of the drama surrounding the temperature control device settings in the office. Once in a while, I will try to assign the work of a control device controller to someone in the office, however that consistently ends up rapidly blowing up in my face. Usually the whole locale will end up with job drama & people being ultra mad at each other all over the site. I assume that occasionally easily working with grown adults in an office environment is just as terrible as easily working with a bunch of super spoiled children! But I do have to say that last year, even though it was a truly taxing year for everyone, my employees all came through. They all made their quotas & every one of us finally came out with a better bottom line last year than every one of us did most years when there isn’t a pandemic going on. SO, I decided to reward my employees by having our commercial Heating & A/C business come into the office & install zone control heating & air conditioner throughout. I assume that this will greatly boost morale & help my employees to appreciate that I listen to them & take their complications seriously. I hope that they are all glad with the new zone control heating & cooling idea that I chose for the office.


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