What type of fuel is best?

I started thinking about electricity

Knowing I had to get a new heating idea for our home, I kept trying to figure out what type I wanted. I knew that I wanted something that was going to be energy efficient in fuel consumption as well as in heating. My question was; what type of fuel would be to obtain this goal? The topic of fossil fuel was coming up all the time right now. Oil was the most evident fossil fuel, but what about gas or coal. Coal was supposed to be a pollutant. Living in a coal region, every one of us were consistently being told that coal is the cleanest burning type of fuel you could use. I was brought up with a coal furnace for heating. The heat was consistently comfortable in our home. Dad had a self-feeding furnace as well as he only had to fill the coal hopper once a day. People complained because they needed a room to store the coal, but you also need a storage bucket for oil as well as gas. Gas is the next crucial thing when it comes to heating. My complication with gas is that a single of its crucial by-products is carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that is tasteless, stinkless, as well as pale white, as well as you don’t even think you are being killed by it. Dad told myself and others that nearly every type of fuel can cause carbon monoxide, so I was back to worrying again. Oil is supposedly the worst of the pollutants, but it is also a single of the safest to use. I started thinking about electricity. I think that several people don’t want to use electricity for heating, because there are several variants that can knock out electricity. I just can’t make a decision on a source of heating.


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