Different culture, different heating and cooling

There is one thing that I would recommend to just about anybody who might be listening.

And that would be to get out and see the world.

We have an interesting country here with lots of cultural things to discover. However, we also sort of have a shared experience. Like owning a car is normal as is everyone having great heating and cooling in their homes and businesses. That’s just not the way it is around the rest of the world. I found this to be the case because I made a point of really trying to experience what it’s like in very different cultures. And for sure, HVAC technology that we take for granted isn’t necessarily the norm all over. I imagine that any country you go to does have modern HVAC equipment. But they may only be for the wealthy or folks like that. I lived in regions where there was a great deal of heat but very little modern HVAC cooling. Most of those places sort of accepted the heat because there was little they could do to change it. There were places that had evaporative cooling systems. And when you don’t have HVAC cooling, that evaporative cooling can feel pretty substantial. I like to remember this when I get to complaining all these years later about the heat in the summertime. It’s just so easy for us to lose sight of just how fortunate we really are. And having the modern HVAC technology is a perfect example. So I don’t complain about the heat. Instead, I’m just very grateful to have it.

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