I gave my baby bro some good advice about being a homeowner

When my baby brother bought his first house, it was a huge accomplishment for him.

I was proud and so were my other family members. Of course, he was nervous because he didn’t have any idea of how to be a good homeowner. I told him a few things about taking care of his HVAC system, his plumbing, and I gave him a few energy saving tips. I told him how he had to keep on top of his air filter changes, ductwork cleaning, and cleaning out the HVAC system from time to time. I also explained to him how it was important to treat the drains in his house so they didn’t build up and get clogged. It can be expensive to have to unclog the pipes in your home, and it can turn into an emergency situation when you can’t even flush your own toilet. Something that I told him helped him out a lot. He seemed like he was overwhelmed with everything I was telling him, so I gave him some advice. I told him to enroll into an HVAC service plan and the HVAC professionals would take care of everything he needed for a reasonable yearly rate. He smiled and said he could deal with something like that. I was there for him whenever he needed me, but he never needed any help when it came to the HVAC system maintenance, because the HVAC pros had everything covered. I wish somebody would have told me to enroll into a good HVAC service plan when I first bought my house.

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