I love it when I discover purchases with free delivery

I’m sure delivery costs are always factored in when you get free delivery, but I still love it when I see my delivery has no extra cost.

When I’m trying to do shopping online, I always look for the stuff with the free delivery first.

There’s this one online HVAC shop where I get all my air filters regularly. I sometimes get HEPA filters when they are on sale, but for the most part I go for the standard pleated air filters. They have a MERV rating of 10, and they are really great for my allergies. The HEPA air filters definitely work the best though, it’s just that they are pricey, even online. I was always checking for the sales until I decided to go for a new HVAC system. I ended up looking at this online store that sells ductless mini split systems for a reasonable price. I looked into the DIY models because I was planning on installing this thing on my own. I had a little bit of experience with electrical work, so I at least knew I wouldn’t have any troubles with that. The installation video that I watched also looked straightforward, so I was happy to save money by doing my own HVAC installation. The thing that I really loved though, was the free delivery! This is freight delivery we’re talking about, and the free delivery definitely made me feel good about this purchase. The installation went off without a hitch and now I’m enjoying perfect temperature control settings with a highly energy efficient HVAC system.


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