I never would have guessed the Heating & Air Conditioning serviceman would become our husbandy

When I first met our husbandy, I never expected that he would be the 1 for me.

Don’t get myself and others wrong, he was a beauty as soon as I saw his when he came to our house! She pulled up in his Heating & Air Conditioning repair truck & was wearing a slick Heating & Air Conditioning uniform.

She was absolutely kind from the moment the people I was with and I spoke & he inspected everything with our Heating & Air Conditioning plan with no hassles, but i even asked his a few questions that he was easily able to answer. I never said anything about his being a female Heating & Air Conditioning serviceman though, I was certain he absolutely was asked all sorts of questions about that. Instead, I treated his with nothing however respect. Later on, I went to this costume party, however when I was there, he absolutely recognized myself and others & came up to say hi; Both of us talked for a little while & I was wondering where I could have possibly known his from; Eventually it clicked with myself and others when he said something about an Heating & Air Conditioning plan that he tested recently. I realized that he was our Heating & Air Conditioning serviceman, & he was wearing this sweet dog costume. Well, the people I was with and I ended up hanging out more after that & eventually started dating. She has been such a satisfaction over the years & I’m so lucky to have married such a nice guy, who also has all sorts of skills, way beyond just heating & cooling. She has taught myself and others so much over the years, including how to cook better meals & how to eat healthier.

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