It sucks being taken advantage of

I’ve done some pretty stupid things in my life, but I’m sure we all have done our fair sure of things.

For a long time, I haven’t had much luck in the dating department.

I actually felt kind of dumb for liking somebody that I met at work. We didn’t even talk about a whole lot of things except for how nice the temperature control settings were in the work environment, which was surprising to me. I ended up asking her on a date, and she agreed. She said we had to go to her place though and I could cook her dinner. I told her I was a good cook, which I really wasn’t but I was trying to impress her. Well, her place was kind of lacking with the temperature control settings. She said she wanted to get an HVAC technician to fix her HVAC system, but she couldn’t afford it. I decided to pay for her HVAC system to be fixed, but I did more than that. I actually paid for her to have an HVAC service plan for the length of the year. She was really happy about that and I thought things were going alright between us until her husband came home and found us talking together. This was awkward to me because I thought we were dating. It turned out that to her, we were just friends and I was just being a good friend by getting her HVAC repaired and getting her into an HVAC service plan. Even her husband thanked me for being so generous. I stopped seeing her after that immediately, but I felt really stupid for paying to get her HVAC system taken care of.

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