Less fighting now that we have the HVAC zone control upgrade

When my wife and I started out in our relationship, we got kind of a rocky start.

We loved each other to death, but it was moving in with each other that threw us off.

You have to face it, when you move in with people, things change. Tensions rise and you might disapprove of the way the other lives. For us, it was mainly the heating and cooling settings that we could never agree on. At night, I prefer to crank up the A/C while she actually likes it to be warm in the room. This to me was shocking, but she always feels like it’s too freezing. Even in the winter, she prefers the house to remain warm, like around 85 degrees! Personally, I need the temperatures to be around 70 and I like to keep it around the same in the summer months. So while we kept battling over the temperature control settings, I finally decided that enough was enough. I didn’t resort to saying anything crazy like we needed to give up and get a divorce, I just knew that we needed some outside help. Out of all the places I could have called, I ended up calling the HVAC company. To me that seemed the most logical as it seemed that the temperature control settings for the HVAC system was actually our biggest issue. Other than that we could get along and watch movies, or go on dates. So the HVAC professionals ended up telling me about HVAC zone control. We decided to go for this upgrade and now we are able to have customized temperature control settings in the different zones of our home. It’s wonderful! We haven’t been fighting much ever since we went for this HVAC upgrade.


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