People in the South should get their air conditioners checked before hurricane season

Hurricane season can be brutal for those who live in the South.

There have been so many horrible storms that have taken the lives of many in the past.

When news of a hurricane hits the stands, many flock to grocery stores to stock up on the essentials like water, toilet paper, canned goods, flashlights, candles, etc., but not many think to have their air conditioners and air purifiers checked out. Most people are under the impression that when they lose electricity, they won’t have air conditioning, so it isn’t worth looking into. But when you lose electricity, the air that you are breathing in matters. When you have multiple people living in one small space, you are recycling each other’s air. This is why it’s important to make sure the air that you are breathing in is clean. Inspecting your air conditioner is a perfect way to do that! In addition, running an air purifier before the power goes out is a great way to make sure you have quality air too. If you have a generator, and had to choose before blowing a fan and an air purifier, I’d go with the air purifier first. During a natural disaster, you never know what you may need to encounter, so you always want to make sure that you are prepared and ready to go. A part of being prepared is being healthy, and so many respiratory problems can arise by breathing in unclean air while trapped inside of a house. Your health should be a part of your hurricane preparedness kits as we get ready for the next season.

Cooling representative