There are a lot of unspoken rules when you become a homeowner

When you first become a homeowner, you come to realize there are certain rules that are oftentimes left unspoken. In my case it seems like everything was unspoken. I didn’t really know anything about taking care of the HVAC system in my house. I didn’t know how often the HVAC machinery needed maintenance. I didn’t know what to do about my plumbing situation, if I had to maintain the drainage pipes or what. I ended up learning crucial things on my own though. My HVAC system started having problems and I figured out that it was because I was using cheap air filters. When I switched to the higher quality air filters my HVAC performed better and my air quality improved in my home. Roughly a year after I bought my first home, I actually had a huge issue with the drain pipes in my house. I wasn’t able to figure out what pipe was clogged or what, so I ended up hiring a professional. The professional who came out was quickly able to discover that it was the main drain that was having the issue. He used some kind of machine that was able to clear out the blockage. I wish I would have known because I could have saved a good amount of money by renting a machine like that. I’m happy though because I have gained some valuable experience when it comes to maintaining the property. I’ve actually reached the point where I know how to clean my HVAC system out safely and I rarely have visits from the HVAC technicians, except for when I need my tune-ups.


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