Working from apartment in the Heating plus A/C is now permanent

Every one of us got the text just about 3 weeks ago that the office would be reopening to those who have been vaccinated. There was great relief that the two of us would once again get to work from our offices and not from home. But for me, I wasn’t going back to the office. And not because I’m not vaccinated because I have had both our shots. No, I’m not going back to the office and all the great Heating plus A/C cooling this Summer because I’m staying put. Our supplier has been offering incentives for accepting a remote assignment and laboring from home. Then the pandemic hit and the entire workforce had to work from apartment in their own Heating plus A/C comfort and security. Now that the office is back open, they again offered the incentives to work remotely. So I took them up on it. Had I not worked from apartment for the last year, I might not have chosen this path. But laboring from apartment isn’t a hardship for me. I don’t have children and our partner is going back to her office. The fact is, I’m just so much more productive from home. And with the incentives, it made it possible for me to be all that much more comfortable as well. I had the Heating plus A/C supplier come out and put in a ductless heat pump in our apartment office. Now, I can have the exact indoor comfort without over cooling or over heating the rest of the house. It’s particularly a win win for me. I’ll still go into the office for particular mandatory meetings and whenever I particularly need to. But, I particularly want to just focus on our work and being at apartment in our custom Heating plus A/C heating and cooling allows me to do that.

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