Air conditioner gets protected from drastic Winter weather

I still sort of can’t guess that I finally gave in. My wifey so wanted central a/c for the summer. Well, that would make sense if every one of us lived someplace else than here. I mean we’re so far north, we’re barely still in this country for crying out loud. The only thing that troubles myself and others when it comes to heating and cooling is the heating. The two of us have monster winters up here and they require preparation and attention. I’m thinking about making sure the heating repair gets done. Or that every one of us have plenty of wood put up for the wood stove. I use a wood stove as both our back up heating system and to keep the gas oil furnace heating costs down. These are the Heating and Air Conditioning things that concern me. Central a/c never enters in my mind until my wifey starts in about it. She just didn’t want to deal with the window a/c that I put in every summer. Really, it’s all every one of us need. The summers here are quite pleasant. But somehow, she absolutely got to myself and others and I acquiesced. The Heating and Air Conditioning corporation sent out a couple of Heating and Air Conditioning specialists and they had that A/C in within the morning. I have to agree that it’s genuinely comfortable and the cooling is quite even in the house. But now, I have to get something to cover the Heating and Air Conditioning cupboard outside during the winter. The weight of the snow and ice on those Heating and Air Conditioning components wouldn’t be good. So ironically, the a/c has added yet another Heating and Air Conditioning preparation I have to consider for the winter.