Air conditioning in the Locker room

Years ago, I used to have a gym membership.

  • I was quite young at the time, even though I was already overweight.

Anyway, it was a tiny little gym with just a few machines and it was only boys allowed. I genuinely liked going there, even though I moved farther away and couldn’t go anymore, and it closed. Afterwards, I got a membership at another one, even though I never genuinely liked it, mostly because the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C wasn’t all that fantastic and it kind of stunk in there. Then, much later, I started using the city pools. They had nice oil gas furnaces in one of the pools, but the others did not have heating, so there was never any room to swim, and I consistently thought they needed to have air conditioning in the locker rooms. They were so warm that I found it to be pure misery in there. I finally gave up on the city pools, and now I have a membership at the best gym in town. I am only interested in swimming laps, and I like the pool so far. The heated pools are kept at ideal temperatures. The lap pool is entirely separate from the heating in the summer, but the exercise pool has a heating system all year round. The water aerobics classes love heating, but the lap swimmers love no heating. Everything in the gym is genuinely nice, but once again, I find myself wishing they would have air conditioning system in the locker rooms. These lockers rooms do have fantastic external doors, unlike the ones at the city, so they could put in air conditioning if they wanted to. I’m not sure why they don’t.



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