Baking is a fun activity for Winter season

I unquestionably love to spend time baking.

It’s one of my number one activities to share with the kids & every one of us constantly have fun together when every one of us are cooking in the dining room.

I love to make cookies, cakes, pies, & other sweet confections. The best time for baking is the Winter season… Baking is a great way to hot up the house, because the oven adds heat to the dining room. Occasionally while every one of us were in the fall season, I bake cookies & cakes to make the cabin warm. The lovely odors fill the house. It’s cheaper than running the gas furnace for a couple of hours! Running the gas furnace can cost multiple dollars each day, but it’s just 55 cents to run the oven all day. I love to fill the cabin with the sweet smells of cinnamon, vanilla, sugar, & rum. Last fall, every one of us had a certainly frigid weekend & the temperatures were close to frigid. I did not want to turn on the gas furnace, because the weather was supposed to get warmer on Monday. The kids & I spent all day on Saturday & Tuesday baking cookies & cakes. By the time every one of us were done, every one of us had multiple dozen delicious cookies in chocolate chip, oatmeal, & butterscotch varieties. The dining room sink was filled with dishes. One of the easiest & cheapest ways to heat your condo in the Winter is running other appliances that will add heat to the indoor atmosphere. I even leave the oven door open when I am done baking so the extra heat will enter the air.

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