Even the teacher was upset about the indoor air

My latin teacher can be a really boring person. She constantly speaks in latin and half the time we don’t understand most of what she is saying. She sits behind the desk and uses a quiet voice. When someone asks her to speak up, she gets agitated. This week has been particularly rough, because the AC unit in our classroom isn’t working right. Monday afternoon during class, the AC machine let out a long hiss. It sounded like the noise you hear from a radiator letting off steam. Tuesday when I came to class, the AC was off and it was 79 degrees in the classroom. Wednesday it was even warmer. On Thursday, a couple of students complained about the indoor temperatures. I wanted to know when the AC was going to be repaired, but I didn’t want to get on the teacher’s bad side. My buddy Noah decided to open his mouth. He started complaining about his parents paying school taxes for the AC to work. My teacher kicked him out of the classroom and she wouldn’t let him come back inside the rest of the period. He had to sit outside in the heat. Even though it was warm indoors without the AC, I know it was way worse outside without any breeze. After Noah got kicked out of the classroom, nobody else dared to ask questions about the AC. We stuck our noses in the books and tried not to end up with a pop quiz at the end of class. Sometimes the teacher will hit us with a quiz when she is in a bad mood.

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