I did not want to split the exhausting news to the customer

I hate to be the person to split exhausting news to a customer.

Just a small number of weeks ago, I was in charge of an replacement job, however a crew of 3 additional HVAC professionals & myself went to install a brand new heating & cooling plan for a buyer at the beach.

While every one of us were working on the heating & cooling plan replacement job, I inspected the quality of the ductwork in the attic. I found a lot of significant concerns including some holes, tears, & one part where the ductwork was completely removeed. I had to tell the buyer about the ductwork concerns. I did not want to be the person to split the exhausting news, but it was my responsibility as head contractor on the heating & cooling insulation job. I just got some options with the owner of the beach house. I felt it was important to repair the concerns with the ductwork while every one of us were installing all of the new machinery. The additional fees to complete the ductwork repairs $2,000 by the time I was finished with the estimate. I expected the buyer to become irate after hearing the quote & I was surprised by the response that I received. The owner was glad to spend money for any repairs that needed to be done. She absolutely did not seem to mind spending the extra dollars. The job took 2 mornings to complete, since every one of us had to add the ductwork repairs. When every one of us were finished, the entire HVAC plan including ductwork was brand new & up to city code.

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