I didn't think the car was going to start

My friends and I were on our way home from a concert and we were all piled into my car.

  • I was having problems with my car throughout the week, but I was the only person with parents that let me drive the car for 2 hours.

The concert was totally amazing and the lead singer smashed three guitars on stage. The money they must waste smashing all those musical instruments. The concert was fun, exciting, and we met some cool girls from our hometown. When my friends and I were on our way home from the concert, I had some problems with the heater. The heater was running just fine in the beginning and then it wasn’t blowing at all. I tried running the heater on all of the different settings, but there was no warm air coming out of the vents. It was only 17 outside and I knew having no heat was going to be a problem. Suddenly, the car stopped running. The battery went dead, the lights shut off, and the car came to a stop on the side of the road. I barely made it to the edge, because I didn’t have any power steering. I was worried that the car wouldn’t start again. I gave it some gas and it turned right over. I have no idea why the weather stopped working and then the car died. We made it the rest of the way home without another single problem with the car or the heating system. I got rid of that car a few months later.


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