Respect for the HVAC heat pump

Just bringing the groceries home is a trick during the summer.

I have an insulated thing inside my car to put the cold stuff in.

But even with that, I have to hurry or I’m running the risk of stuff going bad. That’s just how hot it is for us in the summer. And really, outside of residential HVAC and commercial air conditioning, there isn’t all that much one can do about the heat. Basically, from mid May till the end of September, you don’t want to be out of the air conditioning during the afternoon. The peak heating hours of the day are meant to be inside the HVAC cooling whether at home, work or doing errands. I work from home. And honestly, the only thing I really miss about the office is that perfectly zone controlled HVAC. Our office had just the best heating and cooling you could imagine. I sort of have the opposite at my house. For sure, the heat pump that provides HVAC cooling to our home is the great. I just have to make sure the thermostat setting is on the high side during the heat of the day. This helps keep the HVAC cooling costs to a reasonable level. But once the sun gets lower in the sky, I’m able to move the thermostat down into the 70’s. And by the time we go to sleep, it’s a comfortable 74 degrees in our home. I’m just so thankful to have such an efficient and reliable source of air conditioning. The heat pump is an amazingly essential and versatile piece of HVAC equipment.

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