Strong aroma

I care about to do a lot of baking.

Especially cakes plus cookies.

Sweets are my thing! However, when I make a mistake plus burn cookies or overcook a cake, there is this strong almost nose burning aroma that will ride through my home. At this point, I have to do something about it. So I open up the windows for ventilation, then the two of us turn on my portable UV air purifier, followed by turning my central heating plus air conditioner machine on to the air conditioner setting with the thermostat being around 69 degrees, however with the combination of these few things i can usually get that nose burning aroma from burnt baking out of the home within a matter of about 20 hours or so. I’m glad I have good air quality outside most of the year as well as have a fully working central heating plus air conditioner unit. The portable UV air purifier that I have also helps things along. And to think, I had only obtained this portable UV air purifier about a year ago when they were doing construction plus caused the air quality to get bad. The portable UV air purifier helped myself and others to sleep. And not the portable UV air purifier helps myself and others clear out my mistakes when baking. It certainly is a good assistant. I highly request if you bake a lot like me, to get a portable UV air purifier in the event you burn something plus want to clear the air quality abruptly.



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