The wind knocked over a tree in the neighborhood

The only thing worse than a hurricane in the middle of the Summer season is losing power while every one of us were in the storm. A hurricane brings seriously strong winds plus a lot of rain. It’s constantly overheated plus humid outside, even if it’s windy plus raining… Last summer, my family plus I endured a significant hurricane. The strong storm was off the coast plus suddenly came on Shore at the last hour! Our neighborhood was hit taxing by strong winds. One of those 69 mile per hour gas knocked down a power pole plus every one of us lost all of the power to our neighborhood, my spouse plus I don’t have a generator, so every one of us had to spend 3 days without any power. The worst part about having the power out is not being able to run the cooling system. The Summer weather is seriously overheated plus humid plus the cooling system is the only thing that helps. My family plus I were stuck inside of the condo because of the storm plus every one of us were stuck without any AC. I tried to get the neighbor to let us steal some electricity from her generator, but she did not have enough gas to run the generator for days plus days. All of us spent several genuinely overheated days without the cooling system plus that was plenty. After the storm was over, every one of us decided to go to the hardware store plus found a generator important enough to run the refrigerator, the AC, plus the range. All of us won’t have any problems with losing power next Summer while every one of us were in hurricane season. All of us will be prepared for the worst of the weather.

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