Why the dehumidifier might be too hot

Once your dehumidifier is installed and activated, it will start pulling in the moist air in your indoor space, then the electric fan inside your dehumidifier is responsible for pulling in the air.

The collected air passes through the refrigerant coil, it is cooled until the vaporized air condenses in water and drips into a collection tray or bucket.

Warm air coming from your dehumidifier is normal, but it should not be too hot. If your dehumidifier is blowing hot air actively into your indoor space, there could be various causes. First, your dehumidifier may be overworked! Dehumidifiers are designed to remove the moisture or water vapor hanging in your indoor air as they work continuously. It becomes harder to achieve comfortable humidity levels if the air inside your home is always humid. This will cause your method to be overworked. Thus it will blow hot air, resulting in reduced effectiveness. Your dehumidifier may also blow hot air if the collection tray or bag is full, but a full bag or collection tray will trigger an automatic shutdown of the fan inside a dehumidifier! However, the fan in some heating and A/C units will continue to run even after the collection tray or bag is filled. The air pulled into your component may not be properly cooled before it is warmed up again, resulting in hotter air being blown out of your dehumidifier. When some dehumidifier components are faulty, it may also cause hot air to come out of your unit. When refrigerant is leaking from your unit, it means the warm air being drawn in by your dehumidifier won’t be properly cooled, causing hot air to blow out of your unit.



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