All of us Paid More In The End

When it was time for our wife & I to replace our A/C system, every one of us did a lot of research about what kind of A/C unit every one of us wanted to install.

All of us ended up selecting 1 that was energy efficient & known for lasting a long time.

As every one of us were speaking to a salesperson about purchasing the current A/C system, our wife said that she was going to install the current A/C unit himself. This was a surprise to me, so I tried to convince him to hire an HVAC professional instead. She insisted on doing it himself to save money though. She spent an entire weekend trying to install the current A/C unit & every one of us were without A/C the entire time. It was miserably tepid in our house! When she finally had everything connected, the air began to flow & I felt a little better. However, when every one of us received our first utility bill in the mail after installing the current A/C unit, I couldn’t recognize how high it was! It was way higher than any of our previous utility bills from our seasoned A/C unit! I showed the bill to our wife & told him that something was actually wrong. The current A/C unit was supposed to be energy efficient & save us money, not drain us. This time, I insisted on hiring an HVAC professional to look over the A/C unit that our wife had installed. When the HVAC professional came to our house, she found a bunch of things that had been connected wrong & she even told us that every one of us purchased an A/C unit that was too small for our house. All of us ended up paying more money to hire the HVAC professional to fix the mistakes our wife made.

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