Had to take drastic HVAC action

Sometimes, enough is just simply enough.

I’m one of those people who can bend for an extremely long time before breaking.

But once I’m through dealing with unwelcome behavior, I’m completely done with it. It’s like a switch just goes off internally. And that has come to pass at home due to the way the HVAC was getting treated. My kids are generally good kid but they tend to not pay attention to just how good they have it. And I’m sure that I was somewhat the same way to my parents. Our children live in a great house with great heating and cooling along with plenty of other amenities. But it’s the way the HVAC equipment was being misused that caused me to take action. And my HVAC action didn’t come without plenty of advance warning. I guess my kids just didn’t think it was that big a deal. But to me, coming home to find a door open and the air conditioning blasting is indeed a big deal. Not only is rough on the HVAC equipment and a wast of resources, it’s just simply disrespectful. When I saw that, my internal switch flipped. I didn’t say all that much at the time but rather just picked up the phone and called the HVAC company. Two days later, we had a smart thermostat. And I’m the only one with the manual override code. Plus, the smart thermostat will warn me when there is an unusual lode on the HVAC equipment like a door being open. So I can simply shut down the HVAC whenever I want remotely. When I told my kids that, their eyes got as big as dinner plates. Perhaps there will be a bit more respect for the HVAC equipment.

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