I choose to use a space heater

Ice fishing is the easiest kind of fishing, i’m not saying it’s easy, or that experience doesn’t matter, I’m just saying that it requires a lot less energy plus gives you more time to read, and for most of the year I don’t even touch my rod plus reel, unless there is some kind of gathering at the lake! Once the Winter time sets in, plus the two of us have a few weeks of the lake being totally frozen over, that’s when I get the itch to go fishing; You basically split a hole in the ice, drop your line, plus wait, plus that’s pretty much it, and because of the weather, you bring a small shack, plus usually a space heating system to keep inside of the shack, but the more hardcore fisherman refuse to bring a heating system of any kind, they tell me it ruins the spirit of ice fishing. I have to disagree with that, mostly because of the ventilation, and with a space heater, plus the collective body heat of the people fishing, it can get comfortable enough that you can open a small aperture for some form of ventilation. Trust me, with this numerous people crammed in such a small space drinking beer, some form of ventilation is necessary. The smell inside an ice fishing shack can become eye watering with no ventilation, but if you don’t have a space heating system then it is suicidal to let in any outside air, since I go ice fishing to relax plus have fun, I choose to use a space heater, plus not smell my friend’s BO for minutes on end.