I Don’t Compromise With HVAC Settings

I travel a lot for work and pleasure.

I love visiting new places and exploring landmarks with friends and family.

There are some things I’m willing to compromise on when traveling with others, but my HVAC preferences are not. I’m flexible with how many bathrooms are available, where we eat, and even the flights we take. I can even negotiate with someone about the hotel we stay in, but if my HVAC needs aren’t met, then I will flat out refuse to go somewhere. I’m someone who gets really hot when I sleep, which means that I have to set the thermostat a certain way when I sleep. At home, I keep my AC system set to 65 degrees. This is really low for most people, but it’s necessary for me. If the thermostat is set any higher, then I tussle all night long and can’t fall asleep. I don’t like compromising my sleep schedule, which is why I’m not willing to compromise on the HVAC settings while I’m away. Because I don’t want to take anyone by surprise, I always make this fact known when making travel arrangements with others. I let them know that I set the thermostat to 65 degrees before going to sleep and if there is a problem, I won’t follow through with the arrangements. Most people don’t have an issue with it and they just bring a bunch of layers to wear. I’ve even converted a few people to the low temperature settings while they sleep!

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