I need to sell more air conditioners

Seeing as how the economy is moving towards “gigs” over full time jobs, I think it’s time to share my success with the world.

The world of sports is bringing the fans back, and not a moment too soon, because I cater to the tailgaters of the world.

I personally don’t even care about sports, never have, but long ago I saw the potential revenue to be made from people tailgating before a big game. It started with cold bottles of water outside of the venue, using their thirst to charge outrageous prices, and now has moved into the world of portable air conditioners. That is sort of a high end item, and any day I can sell one air conditioner is a great day. For most people they aren’t interested in dropping a couple of hundred bucks, but they still need cooling so I have other items. A water bottle with a little fan attached to the top is a great source of cooling, and only costs about ten bucks! The thing is I have to sell about twenty of those to get the profit I make from selling just one air conditioner. I am starting to think that being a salesperson out in the heat is more trouble than it’s worth, and I need to try and sell air conditioners online. I am more comfortable dealing with people face to face, but I really need to start selling more air conditioners! Maybe running a few well placed Facebook ads would help me start to sell more cooling equipment.

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