I Needed Central AC

When I moved from my hometown up North to a new town in the south, I had no idea how much I’d need central air conditioning.

I purchased a home without noticing the lack of central AC, and I regretted it from the moment I moved in.

As I was unpacking boxes, I went to find the thermostat to turn on the AC, but when I couldn’t find a thermostat, I knew I was in deep trouble. Instead, I found a few window AC units in several of the rooms. I couldn’t believe that I’d never noticed the large, bulky, window AC units while I was touring the house! I’d never had a window AC unit before, so I had to teach myself everything about them. Once I plugged the window AC unit into the wall and turned a few switches, the AC unit roared into gear. It was so loud and it began to shake a little. Once I was confident that it wasn’t going to blow up, I found another window AC unit and did the same thing. With all the window AC units running, my house was loud and obnoxious and I could barely hear myself think. I made the window AC units work for me during the fall and winter, but when the southern summertime heat arrived, I knew it was time to upgrade. No matter how low I set the temperature or how often I ran the AC units, my house was constantly humid and uncomfortable. I contacted a local HVAC technician about installing central AC and made plans to have it installed before the heat became unbearable.


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