Quality indoor air from HVAC means healthier air

When my wife and I first researched getting an air purifier for the house, I was less than enthused.

  • The price was a bit steep and I really didn’t like the fact that this air purifier basically just sat in the middle of a room.

Plus, the air filter on the air purifiers we looked at had to be changed or cleaned quite often to work at their most optimum. The momentum to get the air purifier sort of fizzled out soon after that. However, the indoor air odors were still around and they were the main motivation for the air purifiers in the first place. We have pets, cooking odors and other things that add to the indoor air odor problem. But we just sort of went on with it and kept putting a band aid on the problem with deodorizing solutions. Then the pandemic hit and our perspective on indoor air quality changed radically. For my wife and I, we needed to make sure that we were doing all we could when it came to strengthening our immune response. And in the research for doing just that, we learned all about how important indoor air quality is to our health. This put the air purifier solution back on the table. But we wanted to take it a step further so we called the HVAC company. They came out and installed a whole home air purification system inside the HVAC equipment. Now we have the best indoor air quality we can get. And that indoor air odor problem vanished within a single day of having the whole home air purification system running.

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