The evaporator coils froze up this summer

The heating message should always job in one particular way.

  • If the heating method does not properly work, there are obvious problems that something is amiss.

Problems with the heat pump occurred to myself in addition to others during Last Summer. It might be difficult to understand how summertime can affect the heat pump, but our heat pump actually works as an air conditioner as well. I panicked when the people I was with in addition to myself found out that the evaporator coils were frozen. None of us knew this is something that can actually be expected. The heating in addition to air conditioning professional agreed to help us with the problem after every one of us panicked in addition to called the company. Just a single hour after that, the heating and air conditioning system specialist diagnosed our problem. We had the air conditioner set at an entirely low temperature which caused the thermostat to go Haywire. The heat pump was working overtime and that caused the evaporator coils to freeze up. The expert told everyone that we should not ever set the air conditioner any lower than 72 degrees during the summer season. This causes Frost in addition to ice to form on the indoor evaporator coils. It turns out this wasn’t an issue that I could have taken care of on my own, but the people I was with in addition to myself did not know that at the time. The specialist told us how to care for the issue if it ever happened again in the future.


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