The town needs a female HVAC tech

Like all blue collar industries, the HVAC community is a boys club and always has been.

This wasn’t by ill design, at least not at first, but now that women are ready, willing, and able to tackle any blue collar job, the boys club doesn’t seem very welcoming.

I want to make an end run around the boys club and start my own business. I will be the only employee at first, but as I start to expand and grow I will hire more females to work for me. This industry needs a breath of fresh air, and I believe the community is eager to have the option of a female HVAC tech.I got the idea from my elderly Aunt Helen who told me she wasn’t comfortable with the HVAC tech who came to service her house. I asked why she didn’t get a female HVAC tech to do the job instead, and she told me there weren’t any! I told her that if I became an HVAC tech I would want her business, and for her to spread the word about me to her bridge club. Those old ladies sure can talk, and if I can get in good with them I will be able to pull in a lot of HVAC clients from the retirement home. It’s not that there is anything wrong with male HVAC workers, but you have to remember some people are very vulnerable, and being around strangers makes them anxious. A female HVAC tech would still be a stranger in the house, but would be a lot more comforting to some people.

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