Transforming lake house office with Heating & A/C

I was sort of weirdly surprised by how hastily I took to the working remotely from lake house thing. It just seemed so completely more comfortable plus satisfying to me. That’s not how I thought I would react to working from lake house in our own air conditioning. And the Heating & A/C had a lot to do with it. Our offices are awesome. They are easily forward thinking plus all of us have the best heating plus cooling there is. Actually, it’s a zone controlled Heating & A/C system. So there are several different zone control areas throughout the office. That means you can constantly find a wonderful spot to work where the Heating & A/C control unit setting suits you needs. I also thought I would be just lost separate from the interaction of our colleagues each day. So when I started working remotely while all of us were in the lock downs, I didn’t suppose too optimistic about the possibilities. Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong. I enjoyed working at lake house plus working at lake house enjoyed me. There were far less meetings that I had to attend plus the interruptions while all of us were in our day plummeted. All of that meant for some stellar productivity numbers over the past year. And the quality of our work had never been higher either. So when the offices opened back up, I chose to stay lake house to work. And I had a ductless heat pump installed in our lake house office. That addition by the Heating & A/C company was the crowning element to our new lake house office. I’ve kept the productivity up plus the quality. Still not too lonely plus now I have the perfect heating plus cooling in our lake house office. That’s pretty great.